kilkenny ridge race 50 mile info 

-A 25 mile out and back on the wild and remote Kilkenny Ridge Trail in its entirety. Runners will run from South Pond Rec area in Stark NH 100% on beautiful and rugged singletrack trail through pristine boreal forests, past mountain ponds, and soaking in endless views from scenic vistas! Along the way you'll be summiting  two 4,000 ft peaks and a half dozen 3000 footers as well. There will be 15,000 ft of total ascent and 15,000 ft descent.

Due to the remote nature of the course and lack of ANY road crossings there will only be two on course aid stations(that you'll pass in both directions) and another at the turnaround.

-Aid stations. 

-Unknown pond #1 (segment  6.8) total 6.8

-Willard notch #1 (segment 8.3 ) total 15.1

-Mt Waumbek #1  Self Serve emergency water only (segment 6.2) total 21.3

-Waumbek golf club-crew access (segment 4) total 25.3

-Mt Waumbek #2 (segment 4) total 29.3

-Willard notch #2 (segment 6.2) total 35.3

-Unknown pond #2 (segment 7.5) total 43

-Finish @ South pond rec (segment 6.8) 49.8


Mandatory Kit: (we will be doing a gear check at race morning check-in)

   -Mountain weather can change unexpectedly and with long distances between aid stations we want all runners to be prepared. 

  -1 liter water carrying capacity minimum (2 liters recommended especially if you are a mid to back of the pack runner) Even if you carry a filter, there aren't many opportunities to filter on the high ridgeline

   -emergency blanket or emergency bivy

   -Headlamp (extra lamp or batteries suggested if you will be slower or riding the cutoffs)

   -extra nutrition (have some emergency calories with you that don't get used unless there's an issue)

   -course map w/ emergency #'s and emergency protocol  (provided)

   -windshirt or rainshell( it's september in the mountains..It could be cold or wet or both! maybe some extra clothes in a drop bag at the turnaround are a good idea?) 

Qualifying: We require that you have finished a 50k challenging TRAIL race in order to enter. IF you think you have special circumstances(pemi loop, presi traverse or other crazy mountain adventures) that would allow us to let you run without the qualifier, reach out to us and we'll discuss it.

Pacers:  No pacers will be allowed

Crew access: crewing will only be allowed at the turnaround aid station at Waumbek golf club.

Drop bags: one small, sealed drop bag per runner will be allowed. Bags should be clearly marked with your bib # and last name. Volunteers will organize them the best they can for easy retrieval.

Time Cutoffs: Due to the difficult nature of the course there will be a 24 hour time limit allowed. We've made this a race that can be finished as long as you keep moving forward! Do the math.

   -Turnaround cutoff- 11 hours. This will be strictly enforced. We do not want people dropping on course after heading back. it is a minimum 2.5 mile hike out from the on course aid stations.

   -Willard notch #2 cutoff- 16.5 hours You will be required to walk 2.4 miles out to the trailhead at York Pond Rd and may have to wait some time for a ride.

   -Unknown pond #2 cutoff- 20.5 hours. Keep moving! its 6.8 to the finish or a 3.3 mile hike to the DNF van

Bib Punches- on the outbound trip after the first  aid station at Unknown pond you will be required to take the spur path .3 miles to the summit of "The Horn" where you will use the orienteering punch on your bib to prove you've been there.  Then again right before you descend into the Willard Notch aid station you'll take the short spur trail (.1) to the summit of Terrace Mt for another punch. The spur trails are officially signed and will be well marked in addition.  Even the most hardcore racers should take a second and soak these spots in..  The views are worth the side trips, we promise!

Drops: We discourage drops! This is a bad course to drop at. You'll be waiting a long time for a ride after you hike out to the road several miles while contemplating your decision, probably shivering, cold and uncomfortable too . Just keep moving forward!! :)

Awards: Top 3 men and women (overall) Top man and woman Masters (50+) No double dipping you sneaky old devils

Post race: We plan to have an awesome post race spread and vibe. So, collect your awesome finishers award, hang out by the fire with a beverage and cheer the other runners on. You'll all have an awesome adventure to talk about!