Kilkenny ridge race 25 mile info


The course: A 25 mile point to point race on the Kilkenny Ridge Trail from Starr King Rd in Jefferson NH to South Pond Rec Area in Stark NH. Runners will traverse a high mountain ridge summiting 2 4000ft peaks and a half dozen 3000 footers as well. The Kilkenny is rugged and boasts 7000+ ft of vertical ascent. The course is also extremely beautiful! You will travel across miles of wild and woolly boreal forest that is unique to the higher elevations of NH. There are countless mountain views, ponds and streams to take in as well. This is truly a "backcountry" race..


Bus shuttle: There is no parking at the south end of the course. All runners MUST ride the bus to the start from South Pond Rec Area to race start at southern terminus in Jefferson, which is included in your race entry.


Aid Stations: There is 1 unmanned (water only) aid station and 2 fully stocked aid stations on the course. 

-Mt Waumbek (segment 4 miles) total 4 miles

-Willard Notch (segment 6.2 miles) total 10.4 miles

-Unknown Pond (segment 8.3 miles) total 18.7 miles

-Finish (segment 6.8 miles) total 25.5 miles


Mandatory Kit: (we will be checking your kit at race check in)

-ability to carry 1 liter of fluid minimum (we recommend 2 at least, especially if you are a mid to back of the pack         runners.

-emergency blanket or emergency bivy

-windshirt or rain shell ( check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. September in the Whites can be cold or rainy/snowy or both)

-Headlamp (bring a spare lamp or extra batteries if you expect to be riding the cutoffs)

-course map with emergency #'s and emergency protocol (provided )   


Qualifying: This is a very challenging trail race. .We expect that you will have completed a technical/mountainous trail race of at least 13 miles or an equivalent hike in the whites. Please don't make this your first trail race! If you're unsure, contact us at 

Drops and DNF's : There are no road crossings on the course. Dropping at an aid station means a minimum 2.5 mile walk out to a trailhead and a cold and substantially long wait for a ride back to your car. We highly discourage it!

Time Cutoff: Since there is a 50 mile race happening at the same time, this affords PLENTY of time to complete the 25 mile race. You will have until 5 am the next morning to get to the finish line. you just have to meet the aid station cutoff times in the 50 mile race to keep advancing along the course.

Bib punches: There are two short spur trails to mountain summits along the course, Terrace mountain .1 miles and "The Horn" .3 miles, that you must detour on. Both summit punches are between Aid station #1 (Willard Notch) and Aid Station #2 (Unknown Pond) They are signed and will be well marked. ascend each of these peaks and punch your bib with the orienteering punch that will be located there then retrace your steps back to the Kilkenny Ridge Trail and carry on your way.. No punches? No finish!  The views are awesome! you'll thank us. Unless it's cold and raining! Then you'll be cursing and miserable :)


 Awards:  Top 3 men and women OPEN (0-44)

                 Top man and woman MASTERS (45+)


Post Race: your entry includes a sweet finishers award, post race food and drinks so hang around by the fire and be social!